How mlEngage delivered an outbound campaign with over 2000% ROI

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2000% ROI does sound high, but before you read on, understand that a successful outbound campaign shows an average ROI into the thousands.  The reason why it’s not uncommon for a strategic outbound email campaign to achieve such a high ROI, is because of the amount of reach that a thoughtful campaign can foster. According to industry leaders:


  • Successful outbound email efforts return $38 for every $1 spent
  • Marketers that use segmented campaigns note as much as 760% increase in revenue


We have proven the same extremely high returns on with our clients using our outbound solution, mlEngage.

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Case Study:

Our client had a small sales team of ~20 representatives, with a product for an ultra-rare disease that is not well known.


Because of the multiple ways that a patient could present with this disease state, and the large size of our client’s target list, there was no realistic way for the small team of representatives to effectively reach their customers (providers).


Together with our client, we established that it was most important to create effective messaging which would drive awareness and establish a clear connection between the provider and the representative in the event the provider identified a patient.

The Problem:

  • List size – the size of the list was massive and only a fraction of providers would be reachable with personal promotion
  • Disease presentation – the particular ultra-rare disease can present in a number of ways (with varying severity) to a number of different provider types, which created a literal ‘needle in the haystack’ identification problem
  • Gaps in diagnosis and non-specific therapy – lack of specific diagnosis was leading to non-specific treatments
  • Now what? Once a provider identified a patient, they needed a clear understanding of what to do next

The Solution:

mlEngage was the optimal solution for the client. The client was in need of a strategic outbound campaign that would drive reach/awareness and personalized calls to action to provide individual support for providers and patients.


  • List Size – mlEngage provided the ability to administer mass-outreach and coverage of the list but personalized to each representative and provider. Nearly 300,000 communications were sent to a list of ~15,000 providers
  • Disease Presentation – Using communication best practices, messaging was created to drive awareness and urgency regarding the multiple presentations of this very rare disease
  • Gaps in diagnosis and non-specific therapy – Again using communication and content strategy best practices, messaging highlighted the need for specific therapy, as recommended by experts
  • Now What? – Because mlEngage was used to communicated with providers directly on behalf of the representative there was a very comfortable and easy call to action for the provider to engage the representative for additional information. Each communication contained a live calendar link to the representative’s calendar which the provider used for one-click scheduling

The Results:

  • Nearly 300,000 communications were delivered to almost 15,000 providers
  • Many providers utilized the one-click meeting scheduling functionality to engage directly with their representatives by booking both live and/or virtual meetings
  • After the first year of using mlEngage our client experienced over 10% growth in identified patients in this ultra-rare disease
  • Representative feedback was extremely positive with the following observations:
    • Representatives have great peace of mind knowing that this program is supporting and extending their efforts.
    • Representatives appreciate the ability of the program to profile and qualify interested customers and deliver them in the form of a live or virtual meeting.
    • Representatives stated their appreciation and approval of the content that was delivered to customers on their behalf

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