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Rock, Paper, Scissors ... Shoot!

Navigating the value and access landscape today is both difficult and a top priority. What you say and how you say it can make all the difference. We will help you identify the right insights, develop the right strategies, and deploy all the right tactics. The goal is to ensure this isn’t a game of chance, but a plan that makes you feel confident about your next move. Think of it as playing a good ol’ game of rock, paper, scissors with the insight of the next move! Hence the name of our process: Rock, Paper, Scissors… Shoot!


Barriers are the name of the game in value and access. We dig deep and mine the important insights that fuel the plan.


Once we have the insights, it is time to plan. We put down a plan on paper in the form of a playbook that shows each step along the path to success. 


Segmentation is next as we identify and prioritize the segments. Sometimes that means cutting out the distractions. 


This is when we deploy the tactics. We believe in an omnichannel approach. Both personal and non-personal solutions are established, deployed, and monitored for effectiveness.

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