5 Ways We Feed Your Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy

“insight part”As a pharmaceutical and biotech marketer, we know you are always seeking to improve your marketing strategy.

We also know that tactics are often implemented without a full-fledged strategy. 

In 2023, consider generating more insights to feed your pharmaceutical marketing strategy before you pay big money to execute your tactics.

At Medical Leverage, the “insight part” is what we are most fanatical about. In fact, with over 100 years of combined experience, you could say it’s part of our DNA.

Meaningful KOL Profiling

How long has it been since you profiled your key opinion leader (KOL) landscape? If the answer is anything less than 24 months, you are likely due for an update. KOL Profiling and KOL influence mapping should, at minimum, be completed any time your product undergoes a label change.


Our proprietary key thought leader (KTL) mapping and profiling process uses the same technology as the CIA to produce a full-fledged, visually enhanced, interactive KOL mapping experience. What this means for you is that your KOL map will identify your key influencers and those whom they influence.


Just like for our clients, we are always available at a push of a button, so CLICK HERE to meet with us and learn more about our KOL Profiling solutions.


KOL Engagement Plan

In today’s market, payers, patients, and providers are all looking for the same thing: quality information that can help them make patient-centric decisions. As a result, it is crucial for pharma and biotech companies to develop an engagement plan that considers the needs of all three groups.


Once we have identified your industry leaders and generated actionable insights, our Medical Leverage fanatics will create a meaningful engagement plan based on your therapeutic area.


Our arsenal at Medical Leverage contains a full repertoire of tactics — and with 21+ years in the business, you can rest assured that we have solutions for every need and every situation.


  • We have perfected the fine art of KOL advisory boards
  • Our executive summaries produce actionable insights
  • Our health care professional (HCP) fellowship programs reach your next generation of thought leaders
  • Our clients’ providers prioritize time with them (see #3)
  • We are experts at speaker program management and speaker training (read on to #4)

Do you know of another agency that would provide a full hour of strategy at no cost or obligation? Only a fanatic would do that.


CLICK HERE to meet with a Medical Leverage fanatic to discuss your need. After this initial meeting, we will provide one full hour of strategic input based on your area of need.



Enhancing KOL Relationships

Do your thought leaders prioritize their time with you? If your meeting roster is not full three weeks before your medical conference events, consider who your providers are meeting with instead of you.


Our experts at Medical Leverage design experiences that create meaningful interactions between you and your HCPs.

These interactions are so meaningful that our clients’ meeting docket is full weeks in advance of any major medical conference. Read our case study to find out why. 


And that’s not all.


Medical Leverage is so fanatical about how we manage our clients’ opinion leader relationships that we have gone so far as to create a proprietary platform for KOL and congress management.


What this means for you is that you will always have white glove concierge service to manage, maintain, and foster your valuable relationships with key opinion leaders.


Creating Meaningful Digital KOL Communications

Reaching KOLs face-to-face as part of your engagement plan is only part of Medical Leverage’s solutions. We will take your digital communications to the next level by making them feel personal and intentional.


In short, do you want your reps in the field, or behind a computer? Our clients want their reps in the field. That is why we created mlEngage, our personalized representative outreach platform that automatically-generates meetings for your reps in order to expand their reach.


Strategic outbound campaigns are incredibly effective at increasing your representative’s productivity and expanding their reach. Not having to worry about the small things (like e-mail) allows you to focus on the bigger and more important things — like fostering relationships with providers.


KOLs Reaching Other KOLs

Ultimately, there is no better advocate for your product than a provider who has seen how patients’ lives have been improved by your life-giving solution. Improving patients’ lives is what we are most fanatical about, and that is why we make sure our pharmaceutical peer-to-peer programs are managed from end to end.


  • Our program management has an average rating of 4.95/5!
  • We create speaker training meetings and speaker training slide decks that keep your target audience engaged and energized
  • All of our meeting managers are Health Care Compliance Certified
  • Our aggregate spend reporting and compliance monitoring are checked and balanced
  • We use the latest technology like video, AR, and VR to create truly memorable experiences


We execute thousands upon thousands of HCP interactions annually, and it takes a proven process to make every event feel unique and special. You will love what we have to say about our proven process. CLICK HERE to meet with a meeting management expert.

Medical Leverage,  We’re Your Agency of Choice For Your Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy 


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