5 Ways We Optimize Your Publication Planning Strategy

As a scientific content creator, we know you are always looking for ways to enhance your publication strategy. Refreshing your scientific platform, improving your publications plan, and utilizing experienced medical writers who tell your story will provide you with the most value when it’s time to develop and release your content. 

At Medical Leverage, we are fanatical about publication planning. In fact, you could say it’s part of our DNA. Here are 5 ways we would like to help:

Refresh Your Scientific Platform

When was the last time you updated your scientific platform? If the answer is more than 24 months, you are likely due for a refresh. Medical Affairs teams that fail to keep their platform current, relevant, and easily accessible could miss a huge opportunity to “stimulate scientific exchange” both internally and externally.


Consider the following:


  • Are your pillars presented in a way that your team can easily digest?
  • Could you add some interactivity to your working document to ease user navigation?
  • Do you have an easy-to-view publication plan?


The best place to start is always the beginning, and the beginning of every scientific communication plan is a rock-solid platform. Our team has extensive experience interpreting complicated science into easy-to-communicate platforms for many different therapeutic areas.


Implement Our Proven Publication Planning Solution

To anyone who has tried to manage a publication plan using email and a spreadsheet—we have been there, and we never want to go back. We appreciate how expensive it can be to invest in publication planning software or conference selectors. You should not have to choose between tactical implementation and an overpriced platform, especially when these platforms are not only expensive, but also bulky and hard to use.


We’ve got the solution—and our secret is in our proven success, NOT the use of overpriced software.


  • We have a proprietary process that uses cloud co-editing platforms that your authors and writers can use simultaneously, eliminating version control issues
  • We assign you a planning concierge who manages the process for you, all for less than the cost of a fancy platform
  • We can help you select your conferences and publications using our subject matter expertise, our software, and our industry knowledge


Our planning solution includes a thorough understanding of submission requirements, and we handle any edits and re-submissions on your behalf, elevating your role to that of director, not actor. Above all, we work within your timeline to deliver the finished product on time.


Utilize Medical Communication Excellence

When you are looking to engage a medical writer, it is important to consider their:


  • Subject matter experience
  • Ability to understand and interpret data
  • Competence to deliver complex concepts in a clear and concise manner
  • Knowledge of the publication process
  • Attention to detail
  • Capacity to meet deadlines


An experienced medical writer will be able to take your data and findings and create a publishable article. However, a medical communications expert will be able to effectively engage your target audience by communicating your study’s results and implications in a way that is both accurate and accessible.


Our Medical team at Medical Leverage is not just a team of medical writers, we are the team of medical communication experts that you are looking for. We bring writers, strategists, creative, copyeditors, project managers, and more to ensure quality, accuracy, and efficiency.


Digitally Enhance Your Current Publications

Most scientific literature is consumed online, and it is crucial that your publications are optimized for digital consumption. There are a number of ways you can do this, including:


  • Designing your publications to be responsive so they can be easily viewed on any device
  • Adding interactive elements, such as video, audio, and AR/VR to extend the life of your publication and increase its distinction
  • Utilizing a strategic media plan to share your content and reach a wider audience
Incorporating these digital enhancements ensures your publications remain relevant and engaging. Plus, investing in digital enhancements and publication extenders can bring your content to life!

Tell Your Story

There is no better advocate for your product than a patient whose life has been changed or a physician/KOL that has experienced results first hand.


  • Does your data, as it is currently presented, share that compelling narrative?
  • Is the unmet need or advancement clear?
  • Does your scientific story incorporate the patient or physician/KOL perspective?


Our medical communication writers are experts at communicating complex data to create a compelling narrative using your science and clinical/lived experiences.


We publish hundreds of KOL communications annually, and it takes a proven process to make every publication well-managed, strategic, and unique. You will love what we have to say about our proven process. CLICK HERE to meet with a medical publications expert.

We Can Be Your Agency of Choice for Your Publication Planning Strategy

We know that you have a choice regarding your medical communications agency partner! Try us out and see the ml difference:


  • The difference in our values
  • The difference in our fanatical attention to detail
  • The difference in our experience
  • The difference in our quality
  • The difference in our agility


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