5 Takeaways While Working for a Medical Communications Company

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Patrick is a recent graduate from the University of South Carolina where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health while minoring in Business Administration. During his college career, he held various internships in the medical marketing and sales industries and has enjoyed expanding upon these experiences while working with medical leverage.

The importance of branding

In the medical industry, the best branding and communications efforts seek to accomplish one thing in particular — the elevation of patient care. The only way to achieve this is to first build your brand through strategic communication. Meaning, the use of the right media mix across the most widely used channels of your customers. It is essential to stay top-of-mind through consistent communication. This requires that you post often, and that the content of your posts clearly and concisely display the expertise and value your company brings to the table.


medical leverage accomplishes this task through the following three-step strategy:


  • Gaining insight from customers and their customers
  • Building a strategy to effectively communicate the company’s ability to meet the needs of said customers
  • Developing tactics to present the strategy in a way that separates medical leverage from the rest

The Power of Storytelling

The word storytelling often carries a negative connotation when it is used in a clinical context. However, when its purpose is clear and it is executed correctly, it can be the most powerful way to grow a brand. Storytelling within the bounds of the medical industry is not the act of drafting a fictitious tale that falsely presents your product or service. Rather, it is weaving together a clinical story using all of the facts to hold the reader’s attention and display the uniqueness of your brand.


If you are presenting your data in a way that leaves people snoozing like dear old Dad in front of the TV late at night, it is unlikely that your point will ever hit home. The Strategic Solutions team at medical leverage is unmatched in its ability to knit client data together in a way that ensures a successful delivery.

Qualifying Using Testimonials and Case Studies

One of the best ways to establish credibility as a company is to provide a testimonial from a satisfied customer. This should include a detailed account of how your company satisfied the customer’s need. In the medical world, this requires the use of a case study, which is a formal way of presenting an example of your company assisting a similar organization to help them accomplish a goal. This factual evidence, supported by a direct quote from the client, is a perfect way to let prospects see why they should consider your services.

Grow by Challenging the Status Quo

medical leverage differentiates itself in several ways. Key among these is the passion its employees have for creating engaging content that is bold and challenges the status quo. With the flood of content coming out on a day-to-day basis, it’s imperative to cut through the noise and stand out in a positive way. Otherwise, you will be left behind.


The best way to explain how medical leverage helps clients accomplish this is to use a simple anecdote that Vice President of Strategic Solutions, Jeff Morrison, shared the first time we spoke. The Strategic Solutions team was tasked with creating multiple versions of a branding graphic for a medium-sized pharmaceutical client. The team came up with a few options ranging from conservative to bold. The medical leverage team encouraged the use of a powerful graphic and the client agreed. The client’s choice to use a graphic that may have been slightly out of the norm paid off and resulted in a substantial uptick in customer engagement.


The medical leverage team is blazing a trail by constructing powerfully unique marketing deliverables that display the full benefits of products and services through graphics and statements that challenge the audience. There is no success without growth and no growth without challenge.

Genuine Passion Is the Best Way to Sell

What impresses me most about medical leverage is the sheer amount of poise, expertise, and authenticity the executive leadership team possesses. Their passion for challenging the status quo to build customer engagement is contagious. Customers naturally gravitate towards them to see what the medical leverage brand is all about. It is no surprise to me that medical leverage is rapidly growing its clientele while also retaining its current clients for many years.

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