Who We Are

Our Team

Medical Leverage is a medical communications company that provides full-service solutions in the healthcare industry. We are pharmaceutical professionals, therapeutic writers with PhDs, and people who have sat where our clients sit right now.

Our Story

In 2001, Dave Oury began Medical Leverage. After 20 years as a senior marketing director for a major pharmaceutical company, he responded to the need for an education liaison between life science companies and healthcare providers.

As of 2018, Medical Leverage has gained the trust of numerous clients and their teams by helping organizations around the world. Our team of experts has now tripled, and Medical Leverage is a leader in communications, promotions, and training for the life science industry.

Our Values & Commitment

Every employee is selected and trained on our foundation of 6 core values:

Client Mindset
Strategic Thinking
Positive Attitude
Striving for Excellence
Driven to Succeed
Accountable in Every Way

Our commitmentt is to uphold our company values as well as those of our clients. We believe in good over fast or cheap, compliant over probably right, and listening over speaking. We understand the client first and then implement their vision. In this way, we nurture the trust clients have in us – what we deliver reflects who they are and where they are going.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Right People:
    been in your seat, humble, curious, experienced, and passionate
  • Right Size:
    efficient, nimble, and agile
  • Extension of Your Team:
    extend a deep partnership by taking on your issues, and embedding with your strategy and goals