ml 2022 service initiative

ml 2022 Service Initiative 

If you could not communicate and were suddenly given a tool to help you convey your basic needs, feelings, and thoughts…imagine what that would mean to you and how that could impact your relationships with your family, peers, and teachers!

The Mariposa School specializes in ABA therapies and uses tools like iPads that are enabled with augmentative communications software, which helps students better communicate with their parents, friends, and peers.

At medical leverage, a communications company, we are fanatical about communication (that is why it’s in our tagline)! Our goal in 2022 is to raise enough funds to give every student at The Mariposa School the ability to communicate…won’t you help us?

Every gift is a game-changer!

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The Mariposa School in Cary has inspired us to give back because its mission,  “…to improve targeted skills and overall quality of life for our learners and their families,” so strongly resonates with ml’s core focus of improving the quality of life for patients. 

Three Different Opportunities to Serve

1) Live day of service: November 2, 2022

2) GoFundMe Kickoff: November 2, 2022

3) Gift wrapping at ml’s on-site EOY event

Select one way to participate, or all three!

**Even if you do not plan to participate, please indicate your t-shirt size and submit the form to the right.**